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Sexual Health: The Untold Love Affair of Organ Meats and Libido

Sexual Health: The Untold Love Affair of Organ Meats and Libido

Arousal & Health

YES. We're here to talk about the primal urge, the driving force of life - sexual desire. Second only to sleep in its necessity, it's a neon sign flashing the status of our physical health and well-being. You heard right. Your libido is your body's barometer.

Sex Through the Ages

Let's take a detour down history lane, to the land of pyramids and pharaohs - Egypt. These ancient folks were notorious for their sexual exploits, their libidinous actions linking directly to their physical prowess. The secret weapon in their arsenal? Organ meats.

Organ Meats & Sex

Yes, the heart, liver, spleen, pancreas, kidney, and bone marrow. Not just dinner, but tools of seduction. Each organ, a treasure trove of nutrients, promising to enhance sexual health and desire.

The heart, symbol of love and passion, is a powerhouse of CoQ10 and zinc12. Capable of kicking erectile dysfunction out and cranking up testosterone production. The liver, a storehouse of vitamin A and iron34, aiding testosterone production and fighting the libido killer - fatigue.

We move on to the spleen and pancreas, loaded with iron, vitamin B12, and selenium56. Energy-boosting properties that can reignite the dwindling sexual flame. The kidneys, too, packed with vitamin A and zinc7, and the bone marrow, bursting with healthy fats and vitamins like B128, promising improved neurological functions and boosted energy levels, enhancing sexual performance.

Organ meats could be the magic pill for sexual health issues, or at least a huges step in the right direction. That is why Humanimal has created an easy to take capsule with the perfect customizable dose every single time. 



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