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We Don't Do Marketing - Not Now, Not Ever.

At Humanimal, we find the current marketing approach of targeting people's pain points to make sales to be misaligned with our values of genuine care and love. Over the past year, we have noticed a common dialogue in the market:

"I struggled with [problem] for so long before discovering [miracle solution]. Buy my product/course to become a better version of yourself!"

We want to address the misconception that there is a "miracle pill," herb, or supplement that can solve all of life's problems. While these products alone may not be the ultimate answer, they can serve as a foundation for personal growth and help you reconnect with your highest self (soul, best version of yourself) and should be viewed as such.

We believe that nutrition plays a significant role in the evolution of your soul. By selling beef organs, we aim to help you recenter yourself and better understand your relationship with food, as well as how modern society has strayed from the foundational principles of nature. You may have been taught that this is "normal," but this normalcy has likely affected the way you connect with your soul.

At Humanimal, our goal is to share our authentic perspective on the world. Whether or not it aligns with your beliefs, we want you to feel valued when you come across our content, regardless of whether you are a customer. We discuss this further in our team-run podcast, "The Spiritual Foodie".

We strive to bring authenticity back to social media through long-form video content and unedited conversations. We want to boldly and authentically discuss who we are, who we aspire to be, and question not only the world but also ourselves and our worldviews.

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