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Bringing the Woo-Woo to Beef Organs | Authentic Conversations on Spirituality and Nutrition

We're Alex and C, the founders of Humanimal, and we're thrilled to introduce you to our new blog. This dialogue goes along with our podcast "It Starts With You" We've decided to ditch the short-form social media content and dive into some long-form blog posts. Why? Because we believe that authenticity gets lost when you try to cram something important into a 5 second clip. We're here to keep speak authentically and openly, and we want you to join us on this journey.

First, let's talk about marketing. As a beef organ supplement line, we've come to realize that standard marketing tactics just don't align with our values. The idea of targeting someone's pain points and vulnerabilities to sell a product just feels icky to us. We can't wrap our heads around it, and there's nothing in us that wants to manipulate people like that.

Instead, we're doing things differently. We want to share our story with you through these blog posts, and if it resonates with you, great! If our brand and messaging speak to you, fantastic! And if not, that's okay too. We're here to create a community, not just sell supplements.

Another thing you should know about us is that we're very spiritual people. We believe that spirituality looks different for everyone, and that nutrition goes hand in hand with spirituality. Throughout this blog, you'll get to know us and what we stand for. We're here for everyone on their own individual journey, and we just happen to believe that beef organs can be a cornerstone of that journey, as they were for us.

We're here to bring the woo-woo to the nutrition world! We believe that we are three parts: mind, body, and soul. You can't just focus on one and neglect the others; they work cohesively together. So, we're going to be writing about carving out time for your spiritual growth, your nutrition, and your rest and replenishment.

Anyways, we can't wait to continue on this journey, get to know you, and start building a little community. 

So, let' create some authenticity and explore unanswered questions about spirituality, nutrition, and everything in between. We're excited to have you along for the ride.

Big hugs, humanimals!

Alex & C


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